"eMaxers contributed immensely to a large number of enterprise systems, giving tremendous boost to productivity of our employees by implementing new solutions and integrating them with our legacy systems. Their agile methodology of creating efficiencies in phases allow us to see an immediate and continuous return on our investments and have helped us save tens of millions of dollars over the years."

Fred Hausmann
former Project Lead, Con Edison New York

"In Emaxers, we found a great strategic partner who could work with the client along with us to deliver the highest quality of service in the most cost-effective way. We also value Emaxers for their ability to adapt with our clients' needs, expanding their team as necessary without compromising the quality of their services."

Garett Chang
President/Founder, Highstep

"Emaxers has provided us with cutting edge technological expertise in human-machine interface for research projects for our clients."

Rajul Rana
CTO, Liquidhub


Custom CRM-SharePoint Integrated solution for Private Wealth Management

The custom solution integrates Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SharePoint along with third-party investment databases, to aggregate and provide a consolidated view of their clients, investment managers and funds. The system provides employees with a portal with customer dashboard for a quick view of their contact information, activities, documents, transactions, performance and assets under management. Various workflow provides enhance integration between systems and the reporting system provides performance and financial reports to the customers. The system provides information to the employees at real-time, which used to take hours or even days for them to gather. Click for Details

Work Management system for Primary Feeder Restoration

The work management system enables communication and work processes between several departments and field crews to expedite the restoration of primary feeders during emergency thereby restoring power quickly to the customers, enables scheduling of the feeder restoration, saves the company millions of dollars every year while enhancing the safety of their field crews. The Heads Up Display provides a visual dashboard of the system, while the reporting system provides report and allows data analytics for constantly improving their network of electrical systems. Details coming soon